About Us

Hula Halau 'O Hoanui has grown from a small group of friends dancing in each others backyards to a fully fledged hula school based out of Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California.  We are a humbled group of friends and family that are dedicated to studying the art of hula and the polynesian culture.  We are blessed to be able to share our knowledge of ancient and modern hula to our local community.  Our common bond of the aloha spirit keeps us focused on providing a place for others to learn and share the old island ways.  It is important to us that we teach and set a honest example to our keiki(children), as they are the next generations to do the same.  We believe that it takes a village to be successful.

Our Leaders


Tedores "Tia" Sanchez Musial - Director/Hula Instructor

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Tia has been dancing and studying hula for over 20 years.  Born and raised into the Guamanian culture, Tia was fortunate to have been first taught to hula by her auntie Kita Sanchez Austin in 1995, creating the group Echoes of the Islands.  After learning the basics of Hawaiian Hula and Ori Tahiti she then was granted permission to continue her hula journey.  Joining several local hula troops and dancing professionally with Manea Dancers and SoCal Events she decided to study hula by researching and taking many provided classes by honored Kumu Hula and Ori Tahiti Masters such as Chinky Mahoe, Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, Patrick Makuakane, Napua Greig-Nakasone, Mevina Liufau and Estella Reid.  Tia has made it her life's path to master the art of Hula. 


Gerrilei "Lei" Ahn

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Kathryn "Kit" Bais


Though Kit has been dancing with Tia for most of her Polynesian journey, she first fell in love with the culture at an early age in elementary.  From her 3rd to 6th grade years at Dolores Street Elementary School, she participated in the afterschool Multicultural Dance program, where she was first introduced to the Samoan culture.

After dancing with various groups, Kit’s older sister ran into her old friend from high school, who happened to start her own dance group… It was Tia.  Kit has been blessed to learn and dance with Tia for 14 years+.  She continues to dance but also plays the ukulele, sings, MC’s and does Tahitian drumming. 

Kit has always been grateful for her teacher, Kathy Kendrick, who initially introduced her to her lifelong passion in grade school.  22 years later, Kit and Auntie Kathy’s paths meet again at a hula workshop.  Since then, Kathy (Miss K) has been a part of the Hula Halau ‘O Hoanui ohana.


Andrea "Leah" Sanchez








Ha`ina mai ka puana
Kou le`ale`a paha
He mea ma`a mau ia
For you and I